Friday, December 31, 2010

Wash and Trim

Good morning beauties!

How are all of you doing on this last day of 2010? Yes I know it has gone by very fast. Some of us have reached out hair goals while some of us are determined to reach it this upcoming year. What ever situation we may be in, I wish us all luck in 2011. I hope we all reach at least 2 of our hair goals, whether it be thinker hair, longer hair, healthier hair, or successfully transitioned hair.

This is actually the morning after getting my hair washed and trimmed. There is this woman from my church who owns a beauty salon and almost every in the church goes to her. So for the past two weeks I have been trying to go, but was always unsuccessful. Holiday's are very hectic!!

The name of the salon is Impeccable Beauty Salon and is located on Boynton Beach Blvd. I have heard horror stories of scissor happy stylist so the only person I wanted with a scissor near my head was Sister Marise.

My experience was interesting. Sister Marise was giving a women with gorgeous think long hair a relaxer so she had one of her employees wash my hair. What can I say about this woman...... Damme sa gen men di!!!! Haitian-Creole to English translation: This woman had some rough hands! Either I have just been washing my hair incorrectly or she needs a lesson in hair washing. First thing I questioned was why did she take a comb to scratch out dandruff? One of the first things I learned when I started my hair journey was that you should never pick at your scalp. You are basically putting it through shock. With every scratch you are putting microscopic tears into the scalp so it is going to have to heal itself. I feel like if my scalp is too busy healing itself then there is less time for hair to grow or it isn't growing properly. Next the woman started washing my hair and my scalp started to feel tender. It wasn't that good tender feeling I got when I first started taking care of my hair. I feel like she was just washing to rough. She wasn't scratching my scalp with her nails but I felt like she was trying to enter the knubs of her fingers into my brain. Maybe some people like that feeling but I don't. I wash my hair very gently and I'm not fond of others being rough with it. Sister Marise might not wash hair like that so I'll have to wait until I have her do my hair all the way through.

She then gave me some deep conditioning, not sure it if was a protein or moisturizing one but I feel like it was mainly moisturizing with a slight amount of protein because I was under the dryer only once. When Sister Marise was done putting rollers in for the woman she just relaxed she trimmed my dead ends. I was in such need of a cut because I had so many split ends, the most I've ever seen!!! She then roller set my hair and sat me under the dryer. When I was done the woman who washed my hair took out the rollers. I had to go to walmart with my mom so we just had her loosen the curls. For some reason she used a blow dryer and paddle brush. It didn't help too much because my hair seems to hold on to the tight curls for dear life! LOL!

This salon wasn't like the typical ones I've been to where you spend the entire day getting your hair done and then are forced to listen to the gossip the women are talking. And also this was the first time that a salon gave me a gift. It was a 2011 pocket planner with their name, address, and telephone number on it. I am in love with this thing. It was so convenient because a few minutes before she gave it to me I was thinking to myself that this upcoming year I want to have monthly summaries of what I did with my hair so if anyone wanted to follow it would be a lot easier. This planner is so perfect for that!

But nonetheless my experience at Impeccable Beauty was very good. I loved the customer service, everyone was so nice. Next time if I get the same woman to wash my hair I'll just tell her to be less rough and that their is no need to use a comb to pick out dandruff, even though that part wasn't terrible I still rather not have it done. Also I will moisturize my scalp everyday the week before so there is no dandruff for her to try to pick out. If your in ever in the Boynton Beach area and need someone to do your hair just leave me a comment and I'll send you the address.

I forgot to tell you, this only cost me $32. I think that is very fair.

I wrapped my hair last night in hopes of having the curls fall so when they finally do I will add the before and after photos.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Nativity Story

This is definitely not a hair post but I feel like sharing it anyways. A friend of mine emailed a link to me this past week and I just watched the video.

I love how they used the birth of Jesus and incorporated it into a way that the youth of this time can better interpret. When you think about it, Mary got pregnant and wasn't married. Her and Joseph are claiming that she was impregnated by the Holy Spirit. Everyone must have thought they were crazy! They had to loose so many close friends and it had to have hurt them so much. Joseph could have just left Mary when everyone was either saying or thinking she was a whore, but he didn't. Even when an angel told him that she really was pregnant with God's child he could have left because of the pressure and criticism he was receiving from everyone.

That shows us that God works in ways that we will never understand but he opens our eyes to what we can. He gives us the courage to overcome all that people are saying about us, whether they are calling us names or trying to discourage us. We just have to stay on the course he had planned for us. It's not always going to be easy but in the end it will be satisfying!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Relaxer Reggie

  • Wash hair at least one week before the expected relaxer day
  • Try not to use heat and wear a bun for that week. (Unless there is a special occasion)

  • Deep Protein Conditioning with Silicone Mix for at least 15-30 minutes, even though the package says to leave in for 2-3 minutes. I'm guessing it is a very strong protein conditioner.

  • Grease scalp with moisturizing mixture: Hair Plus Natural Product POMMADE, Hair Plus Natural Product Oil, and International Collection Toasted Sesame Oil

  • Daily Moisturize with Luster's S-curl and Seal with Hair Plus Natural Product Oil

  • Half way in the week do a protein moisturizer with Profectiv Mega Growth Lotion and seal with Hair Plus Natural Product Oil

  • Nightly wrap up my hair

  • NO SCRATCHING WHAT SO EVER PRIOR TO RELAXER!!!!! (this is the worst part!!)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Relaxer Day

Hey beauties!

Today was my relaxer day!! It went pretty well. The relaxer I use is Dr. Miracle and my mother is the one who usually puts it in for me. For some reason she was in a hurry while she was relaxing my hair, neither one of us knows why. Because of that she accidentally put the relaxer all through my hair and I was so afraid that it would over process my relaxed ends, but I still let the relaxer stay in for the recommended time. I don't think that my hair got over processed, so I'm very pleased right now with the results. I think it looks really nice and I love that my hair has grown.

Looking back at where I started and where I am now, I am just amazed! Never would I ever thought that my hair would be this length! Now I just can't wait 'till I get to my goal length!!!!

P.S. I can't stop smelling my hair!! It smells so good because of the protein conditioner I used. I'm really liking Silicon Mix Proteina de Perla (Pearl's Protein) but I want to use it a few more times to see how my hair is liking this new protein treatment. But right now I'm REALLY liking it!! Also I will soon be putting up my new post relaxer regimen.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

What Did I Do?

Hey Beauties!

Wednesday night I had dance practice, but didn't feel like putting my hair up in a bun or pony tail. So instead I took a few hair pins and pinned it up into a curly Mohawk type thing. These are heat-less curls and oohh so pretty!! After moisturizing and sealing my hair I bun it up into four sections using Melyssah's Signature Bun. I've been doing that every night this past week so that is why the curls look the way they do.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reply: Worst Hair Experience Thus Far!!!! :(

I was reading through my old posts and found an entry that I forgot to reply back. I talked about how my hair was really dirty and the dirt was getting on my face, or so I thought it was dirt. It was actually the hair color I put in right before getting my sew-in. Before I got the sew-in my hair was brown, but the way I wanted my hair to be done my real hair had to be black. I wanted to have black hair with red tracks at the bottom. So in order to have that style I had to dye my hair back to black. I bought bigen oriental black and it was such a pretty color and very dark. I followed the directions exactly, but I guess because I got the sew-in the same day as the color there might have still been residue from the color. I know that when you color your hair it starts to fade so that might have been the case. I didn't give my hair enough time to remove the excess color. Well now I feel much better knowing that my hair actually wasn't that dirty, but it annoys me that it was the bigen that was running down my face.

I'm not sure if I'll use it again. If I need to make my hair black again I think I'll just buy a rinse, and I'll only use the bigen if I want it to be a permanent thing.

~~PèÂçĚ, ŁoVë, and HãŘmØňÝ~~

Original Post

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Starting Over

Hey beauties!

It has been over a year since I last posted. I know that is really bad, but I have checked up on the blog to see if I got any new comments. And I have gotten a few but they all had to do with the Diva Smooth post I did earlier. I still haven't tried it, and like I said I probably won't until I find more reviews on it. I personally feel like it is very expensive, but then again I'm not natural and I'm living on a college student budget so I can't afford to buy products like that. Diva Smooth probably isn't the product for me, at least for right now.

As of what has been happening with my hair for the past year.... It's grown.... Not to the extent that I would have liked it to grow but it has. I'm past shoulder length. I think I need 3 more inches to reach Armpit Length. I then probably need another 2 inches or so to reach Bra Strap Length. I've seen so many ladies reach their hair goals within a year time span and I have yet to do that. I might not have been motivated enough to do it or maybe I just wasn't careful enough. I've recently noticed that many of my products have protein in them. I could have had a protein overload for the past few months and not even known it.

My hair has been breaking and shedding and I had no idea what to do. It could have been due to my long stretches or because I didn't have enough moisture. Whatever it is I'm going to fix it now.

I am starting my Healthy Hair Journey all over.

I am making a commitment to myself to do more research and to post more about my hair. I tend to forget what my regimen was when I wear braids or a sew-in for a long period of time. If I start fresh then I can come up with an entirely new reggie and have it documented.
What Did I Do with my hair this weekend:
  • Prepoo'd with Profective Mega Growth Lotion and Africa's Best Oil for about 5 hours (no heat)
  • Washed with Organix Revitalizing Pomegranate Green Tea Shampoo
  • Protein Deep Condish with Silicone Mix for about 4 hours (no heat)
  • Moisture Deep Condish with Organix Pomegranate Green Tea Conditioner for about 4 hours (no heat) [DON'T DO THIS: I'll write about my experience soon]
  • Air dried for the rest of the night
Because I was cleaning my apartment while air drying my hair I forgot to wrap it up [shame on me]. For church today I just put my hair in a bun and curled my bangs [yes in my relaxer regimen I said no heat but i have to have bangs and I cut them frequently so I feel like I can use heat on them more often than the rest of my hair]. Right now I am going to go eat and then moisturize and seal my hair and scalp because they are so dry.

This is a picture of what my hair looks like now. It looks like I need a lot more than 3 inches to reach APL but I had a lot of shrinkage because I just took it out of a bun when I took this picture and I have a lot of new growth. You'll be able to see the true length when I get my relaxer in the up coming week or two.
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