Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Patra Update

Hey Beauties!

I've been wearing my Patra Braid for a little more than 4 weeks now. I'm still getting complements on it and people are so shocked that I did them myself. I personally feel like it is a bit too bushy so I'm redoing some of the visible braids, but other than that I really like the look. I've done a few hair styles and have taken a few pictures with my phone and hopefully will be posting them soon.

School has been taking a lot of my time so I haven't been tracking exactly what I've been doing to my hair on a Day-by-Day basis. But what I've basically been doing is moisturizing my hair with Sta-Sof-Fro and then oiling my scalp with my sulfur oil mix. I do this sporadically, only when I notice my scalp feels a little dry or I think I have some extra time to spend on my hair.

I will be trying to keep my hair in these braids for another 6 weeks because the Summer Semester will be over by then and I will have ample time to study for finals. The only problem is that my new growth + the loosening of the braids is about 1 inch at the moment so in another month it could reach 2 inches. If that does happen I'll be forced to take the braids out. An alternative could be to redo my edges and wear my hair in a pony. I'll keep you posted on what I actually decide to do.

As for my actual hair, it seems as though it is thriving well. My new growth is soft from being moisturized. I do not have a dry or itchy scalp, which is always a good thing! When my braids are out I'll be able to give a better review on the health of my hair.

Good Bye For Now!
~* Be Loved with Happy Hair! *~
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