Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Update- My hair looks so healthy

Hey blog readers!!!!

Well on Saturday I went up to Lakeland to pick up my grandma from my aunts house and bring her back to south fl because my aunt and lil' cousin are going back up to NJ for Xmas. But anyways, she relaxed my moms hair with the Mild Activilong Relaxer and her roots didn't take at all but her hair does look way better since she had twist in for the longest and her hair was nappy. The relaxer did soften up the curls though and her hair is way more manageable now. My aunt said that this type of Relaxer doesn't make the hair super straight so I'm thinking that next time i relax my hair I'll use it instead as a textlaxer instead of using a relaxer that will straighten my hair completely. I figure that the Activilong Relaxer will have less chemicals and so my hair can't really get over-processed, plus it didn't burn my moms scalp.

Well my aunt washed my hair and gave me a protein deep condition, my 1st i think unless i got it when i went to the hair salon, and my hair was hard after she put it in. But while she wz combing out my hair i had very few breakage which is so unusual with my hair and I LOVE IT!!!! My hair is actually working with me now after 19 years of life. Well she roller set my hair so it looks fine, but u can tell it's been awhile since my last relaxer because you can see my new growth. I thought i would have a little more growth since this weekend but i cant tell, maybe because i haven't greased my scalp, by the way i use the Activilong Jojoba Oil grease-- actually its not really a grease but i can't think of the correct name right now. Tomorrow I'll massage that into my scalp to stimulate some blood flow because I haven't done that since washing my hair and that actually seems to do some good for my hair.

Oh i forgot to say. My hair looks so shiny and healthy and my roots are looking great!!! I can't remember the last time i saw my roots shine this way. I know that's a shame but at least my hair is becoming healthy!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update- Night Regimen

Hey guys. Well I just wanted to give a quick update of what I'm doing as my Nightly Regimen. Well since i have some new growth and I'm trying to refrain from using my straightener it's kinda hard for me to actually wrap my hair. So instead I'm alternating buns (one on both sides of my head) and cornrows. Tonight I'm going to put in some leave in conditioner and bun my hair and tomorrow night I'll massage Activilong into my scalp and put in some cornrows.

Side Note: My hair feels really soft right now after i started doing this and i have much less tangles especially at my roots.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hey guys. Here is a video of this sexi bun that was posted on Sunshyne's blog, that you can find at http://hairlicious.blogspot.com/2008/12/melyssahs-signature-bun.html

I am loving the bun and felt that I should share it . I would so do this bun but my hair isn't long enough yes so it won't look nice. Instead I am going to moisturize my ends and seal with Hollywood Tea Tree Oil, do this bun, wrap a satin cloth around my head and go to sleep. I really can't sleep right now though. That is why I'm on the internet for such a long time surfing through haircare stuff.



Hey my fellow Hair bloggers!!! Well I'm just putting up an update of how my hair is doing. Its been 1 month, 1 week, and 2 days since my last relaxer and my hair is growing incredibly well. I had maybe 1/3 of an inch of new growth and maybe even more, but that's really only in the middle of my head (T_T) Yeah that's so not cool. But I've been massaging my scalp all the time and instead of scratching out the dirt from the hair when I'm washing, I am massaging it out which i think is really working. I'm so happy that my hair is growing and the new growth isn't as harsh as it usually is. I can actually see some curls in my new growth and its really nice. But yeah, that's my update and I'll be back with some more a later time. I really want to get twist in my hair the end of December and keep them in during my spring term of college (Jan-April/May) but I'll redo then though. Hopefully once a month. I don't know yet, but we'll see because i have to find someone who would do them for me before i leave home again. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Aloe Vera Pre-Poo

Hey!! Well I'm thinking about buying some Aloe Vera leaves and taking the insides and blending it with Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, or Jojoba Oil. Not sure when I'll be able to buy it because i don't have a car and I'm living in a completely different city from my family because I left for school. If Walmart has Aloe Vera then I'm definitely getting it along with Olive Oil because i know Walmart has it, but if I find Coconut Oil then I'll get that instead. Most likely Jojoba Oil wont be sold at Walmart but if it is then that's my first choice!!!!

Hopefully my mixture will work and not give me any problems. I doubt it would because its all natural and both ingredients are good for hair. I plan on using it as an overnight pre-poo then wash may hair the next morning. Can't wait till i can buy it.

If anyone has already done this, leave a comment telling what type of results you got. Even though everyone doesn't have the same type of hair, your comment will still be helpful.

Photograph Credit: Food Trails via photo pin cc
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Why Wear Scarves?

Why should we wear scarves? Well what a terrific question!!!! Well here are a few points of why scarves are an important hair accessory that every girl should have.
  • Protecting Hair- I personally feel like the less you do with your hair the better. Wearing scarves throughout the week will stop you from doing any more heat damage to your hair. Your also not combing and brushing your hair as often, which will be a huge plus for those with thinned edges.
  • Solves a Bad Hair Day problem- you wake up in the morning. Take off your silk wrap and start doing your hair. To your surprise she decides to say "NO! I'm not listening to you!" Instead of spending hours trying to tame your hair just grab your cute head scarf and tie it up and put her in a time out.
  • Hide Greasy Hair- Taking care of your hair can get a bit messy when your trying out new products and techniques. You're never really sure about how your hair will react with a new product so a scarf is a perfect Plan B.
  • Stylish and Versatile- You can finish up almost any outfit with a great scarf. You don't always have to wear it around your head. But it around your neck or make a cute belt with it. There is no limit of what you can think of to do with a scarf ;D
Photograph Credit: Adam Jones, Ph.D. - Global Photo Archive via photopin cc (Cropped from Original)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First Hair Journal Entry

Hey people, this should have actually been my first blog post but I was so excited about writing a blog on President-Elect Barack Obama; it still feels so good saying that, that I had to hold off on this entry.

OK. Well This is the first entry in my Hair Journal. I'm starting in November 2008 to make my hair healthier and longer, and I'm so EXCITED!!!!!

On Saturday, November 1st I went to my Godmother's house and she relaxed my hair, cut it, roller set it, and then wrapped. Yes, yes, i know. So much being done to my hair but it was all worth it. Before the cut my hair was below Shoulder Length and now its above maybe at shoulder length (can't really tell since my ends are still curled). I heard that sitting under a hair dryer when its roller set is way much better than straightening your hair with a straightener and that does make sense. The straightener can get really hot and sometimes it SMELLS like your hair is burning, and most likely it is :( Plus I have way much more volume with the roller set than I'd ever have with a straightener!!! I love it!!! My aunt was like it would be much better to get the roller set than straightening because it would look awesome and she was right. I'm so loving my cut!!!!

My hair is really thick and its type is probably a 4b

Now it's PICTURE TIME!!!

 This is my before shot. I just took out my tracks and my hair was extremely WILD!!!

 This is my hair after my Godmother did all that work. Doesn't it look so nice. I'm in love with it!!!!

 This is my hair the next day after wrapping it the night before. The curls fell so it looks a lot longer now.

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