Monday, May 28, 2012

Patra Braids

Patra Braids, Chunky Braids, Long BraidsHello Beauties!

My braids are finally done!! YAY!!

It took me approximately two days to do them but that was only because I really didn't want to continue once I got to the top of my head. I've gotten complements on them so they look nice even though it was my first time actually doing my entire end full of braids with synthetic hair. (I've done it with yarn and that is so much easier!) I tried sealing the ends by dipping them in hot water but that didn't work. If any of you know how seal braids let me know because I've never had to do that so I have no idea how.

My scalp is feeling a bit dry, so today I plan on spritzing it and sealing with my sulfur oil. Sometime soon I will be posting what regimen I will try to follow for the time that I have my hair in these braids. Then later down the road I would like to do a review/update on how my hair is holding up, whether or not I like the style, and if I will do this style again.

~* Be Loved with Happy Hair! *~

Friday, May 25, 2012

Patra Braid Prep (Regimen)

Hey Beauties!

I hope you Friday started well!!

I am currently putting in Jumbo Braids that I will be naming Patra. I think they are actually called Patra Braids but I'm just going to call the hairstyle Patra. I actually stopped braiding my hair so I can tell you how I prepped my hair for the braids.

1. Shampoo (repeat until lather)
2. Conditioner
3. Detangle under running water with Shower Comb
4. Protein Treatment (1-2 minutes)
5. Deep Conditioning Treatment (LeKair Cholesterol + Mane and Tail Conditioner)
6. Rinse with Cold water
7. Apply Leave-in conditioner
8. Scarf method (not necessary, I just had somewhere to go before I could actually start braiding my hair yesterday)
9. Wrap hair in a microfiber towel and let air dry.
10. When mostly dry spray ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer
11. Moisturize and Seal hair (sections)
12. Detangle (sections)

When my hair is done I'll post pictures on how it looks. So far I like it but we shall see once I get to the top of my head.
~* Be Loved with Happy Hair! *~

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Updated Cowash Technique

Hey Beauties!

I recently updated the way of do my cowashes because I have been using different products. I've used this technique twice now and I am really enjoying the results. After a few more cowashes I'll be able to tell you if there is a difference in my hair's moisture/protein balance.

Products and Tools
1. V05 Conditioner
2. Mane and Tail Conditioner
3. LeKair Cholesterol
4. Jilbere Shower Comb
5. Optional: Denmen Brush
  • I'm actually using a a Conair that is very similar to the Denmen. I removed the bristles from the brush so that there is only 4 rows of bristles. I did this so that it would reduce the chance of breakage. 

1. Use V05 conditioner to wash hair clean, make sure to massage in a circular motion underneath the hair. Do this step at least twice.
2. During last rinse use shower comb to detangle under running water.
3. Apply LeKair Cholesterol and Mane and Tail Conditioner to hair and let sit for at least 5 minutes. Do not massage hair vigorously because you will cause tangles that that need to be combed out again.
4. Optional: Use Conair/Denmen brush to detangle roots only. [I am transitioning to texlaxed hair so my roots do tangle up a bit while washing.]
5. If ends tangle up again use shower comb to detangle under running water. Add more conditioner if need be.
6. Pat hair dry with a towel.
7. Apply small amount of V05 conditioner to hair.
8. Use scarf method to lay down edges.
9. Place hair in a microfiber towel and air dry.

So far I absolutely LOVE the results. My hair feels so soft afterwards! The detangling process after apply the LeKair Cholesterol and the Mane and Tail Conditioner is so much easier now. The comb glides so much better through my hair.
~* Be Loved with Happy Hair! *~

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hair Update- May 2012

Hello my Beauties!

My hair is nowhere near where I thought it would be. I should have already passed APL but I feel like my hair growth is in a stunt or something. Yes it's growing but I don't see much added length. One reason might be that I'm transitioning to texlaxed hair. I have about 3 inches of curlies and ohhh how they LOVE to shrink!!

I started texlaxing my hair when I had my first relaxer of 2012 (Refer to my Relaxer Timeline to see when I got my relaxers done and how much time was between each). I am currently using Silk Elements Mild Relaxer. So far I really do like how my hair is turning out. I have EXTREME thickness at my roots, and since I have densely packed hair strands my hair feels like its even thicker than most. So many people keep asking me if I'm going natural and its been getting a tad bit annoying. Mainly because they don't understand the different concepts of taking care of hair so if I tell them no I'm still relaxed they look at me like I'm crazy because I'm purposely making my hair look this way. Either way, I STILL LOVE IT!

I can't wait until I'm able to cut off my straighter ends and have a whole head of texlax curlies and waves. By then my diet should be back to normal so the thinned out area in the back will be filled up. I really believe that the thinning is caused to stress and not eating well (the life of a Biology Major) so I'm trying really hard to remedy that and get back to taking my vitamins.

~* Be Loved with Happy Hair! *~

PS: My camera has been acting up lately so I won't be able to post any really good pictures of my hair. I can try using my cellphone so you have an idea of different hairstyles and my length but they won't be great. Sorry about that.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Site Undergoing Construction.

Hey beauties!

I'm getting ready to start reconstructing this blog because there are a few changes I want to make. I'll be changing the banner along with some of the pictures posted within the blog posts. The background and color scheme will changing to help make the site more appropriate. Also if I find any previous posts that are either obsolete or irrelevant they will be deleted.

I still want the focus of this blog to be about the health of my hair, but I have decided that I want to post more about hair knowledge. If you remember I wrote about the benefits of sulfur for hair when I was deciding whether or not I wanted to start taking MSM supplements. The post was an informative one which included in-text citations from articles that I read. This allowed for all of you refer to the actual articles that I got my information so you knew that I wasn't making things up. Posting more about hair knowledge will be an easier way of allowing all of us to understand more about our hair.

There may or may not be more alterations involved. If I feel those possible alterations may affect the readers of this blog then I will post about them, if not then those changes will take into effect without prior notice. Please bear with me as I make these changes. Thank you all for your coorperation.

Be Loved with Happy Hair!
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