Thursday, March 26, 2009

Breakage!! T_T

Oh My Goodness!!! I don't know what is up with my hair right now!!! I started moisturizing my hair and sealing it tonight before I went to bed and was massaging and scalp grease in and then I started wrapping my hair. For some odd reason i had so much hair just breaking. It was not shedding. My hair was actually breaking and these were some long strands. I really don't know why my hair is breaking like this. My hair must be weak from something but I don't know what. I did a protein deep conditioner on Saturday for 15 minutes and moisturized and sealed my hair. I didn't do them excessively but something is severely wrong and I need to find out, but I don't know how??? When I wash my hair this Saturday I will not use any heat except for when I'm applying the Protein Deep Conditioner. I will let my hair air dry and then all next week I'll bun it. Hopefully this puts the breakage at bay. If i stays in a bun all week then i don't have to comb through my hair and it will be stronger. I'll moisturize my scalp and hair every other day and maybe that'll help. I really hope it helps. Please give me some advice on what else I can do. I'm so afraid that I'm going to lose all the progress I made and that my hair will go back to it's unmanageable ways again.

Hair Please Don't Do That!!! I Am Begging You With All My Heart!!!!!!!!!!!!

photo credit: wwarby via photopin cc
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