Friday, April 24, 2009

Worst Hair Experience Thus Far!!!! :(

Ok so today really sucks especially for my hair. Well Friday is my longest day this semester and Thank you God that my English class was canceled. So our lab for bio today was to walk 10 minutes to this nature park thing on campus. It was scorching hot and I'm a person who sweats a little more than I wished, but I'm surprised that I didn't sweat as much as I thought I would.

So I have tracks in and haven't been able to wash my hair for almost a month. My hair is used to being washed every week so I guess that's how come its getting dirty so fast. Like I said Florida weather is so HOT!!!!! After an hour or so after being out in the sun we are finally in the class room. I take some napkins on the table to wipe my face dry and to my surprise the paper is ALL BROWN from the dirt the sweated out of my hair onto my face. EEEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so NE-A-STYYYYYY!!! My friend thought it might have been my gel so I let her think that but I haven't used my brown gel in such a long time because I'm using Jam to gel my edges since its doesn't make it all stiff and I can comb it out. But I did use hair spray yesterday so I thought that could be the dark stuff but I highly doubt it. It has to be the nasty dirt in my hair. I can't wait to go back home and take these out so I can wash my hair!!!!!

Oh and I feel so dirty right now but I can't go home and take a shower because I have chemistry at 2:30!!! UGH!!!!! We have final exams next week so that's how come I can't take them out now but I really can't wait to wash my hair and deep condition.


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