Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hello Beauties!!!

I have been going through a few changes with my hair. When I had my May Relaxer I noticed thinning in the bottom half of my hair, which became much more visible after my August Relaxer. From September all the way through November I wore wigs that I made. I got my 3rd and final relaxer for 2011 the day for Thanks Giving and the thinning isn't as noticeable as before but I gained NO LENGTH. I guess my hair decided to try to fill in the thin spot.

I've decided to make changes to how I am taking care of my hair because what I have been doing isn't helping as much as I would hope.
  1. Relax my hair more frequently (I'm still trying to transition to texlaxed hair)
  2. No more posting a regimen. Instead at the end of the month I will be posting a calendar of what I did (for the most part) during the month. This is to help me figure out what is working and what isn't working, so that way when I do have a new regimen it will be BOMB.
  3. Participating in more challenges that others made up and are heading. (I would love to participate in Hairlista Challenges but the site isn't working for me. Instead I will be participating in more Black Hair Plant Challenges since it was the first site I joined when I started taking care of my hair.)
Because it is finals week I have not had the time to edit pictures to post to the blog. Those will be up soon along with my Relaxer Update and the November 2011 Calendar.
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